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Conversation Salons

‘The moment questioning minds and hearts meet in really great conversation,
a portal opens into immensely exciting possibility.’ Pat O’Donohue



Are you tired of superficial chit chat and long for some deep and meaningful conversation? Borrowing some inspiration from the Enlightenment Salons of the 18th century we offer you a 21st century forum for transformational conversations. At our salons you’ll meet other curious, open-minded, open-hearted people and have stimulating discussions in a relaxed atmosphere of exploration and enjoyment. Provocative and challenging questions about self and society will be asked to act as a catalyst for fresh thinking and new possibilities. In a café style setting while you sip tea in small groups, the salon host invites you to choose from a conversation menu full of suggestions, questions and topics or to raise your own questions!

  • Experience human alchemy as you transform boredom, apathy and inertia into inspiration, momentum and action
  • Have some lightbulb moments and emerge with fresh thinking
  • Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary
  • Connect with your innate inner wisdom and harness the collective wisdom shared in the synergy of small groups like this
  • Do some soul searching and have some wonderful heart to hearts
  • Expand your capacity to create life affirming changes in your everyday life

The French Enlightenment salons of the 18th century were attended by the free thinkers, bohemians, artists, revolutionaries, eccentrics and philosophers of the day, who were at the cutting edge of cultural and social change. Here is an opportunity for you to be part of a similar but contemporary debate, a forum where people can talk openly about the deepest topics they wish, their burning issues, what really matters to them. A place where you too could have transformative, evolutionary conversations that incubate and activate new ideas and initiatives. What a perfect place to brainstorm, problem solve, ponder, discuss, philosophise and reflect on the issues and dilemmas that most fascinate and perplex you!

‘I love your salons, Heather! They are like alchemy, revealing the gold in people! I so enjoyed last night. I felt so connected and inspired. Your salons connect me with what I feel passionate about. It is such a magical process.’ ― Polly, Artist

If you would like to book a Conversation Salon for your organisation or group, please click HERE to contact me.