Call Me: 086 855 0364 (Clontarf, Dublin)

About Me

I am a Dublin based life coach, group facilitator and
host of conversation salons. I have worked for over
30 years in the areas of personal growth and human
potential. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science
from University College Dublin and did my Masters in
the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in Group
Work and Cognitive Therapy. I worked as a counsellor
in America and as a social worker in a wide range of
community services in Ireland. I trained as a life
coach in London.


Two important themes in my work are:

Celebrating and honouring your creativity, talents and passions

The re-enchantment of everyday life

I am passionate about inspiring people to:

  • See the magic in the ordinary and the everyday
  • Celebrate and savour the so called simple pleasures in life
  • Develop a wonderful sense of occasion
  • Enhance their capacity for delight
  • Grasp every chance for expansion, fulfilment and joy
  • Suck the marrow out of life
  • Be willing to be wow-ed!

So that you………….

  • Become very aware of what makes your heart sing and pursue it with all your heart
  • Start to believe that the world really is your oyster
  • Hone your ability to see opportunities, possibilities and synchronicities, little and large at every corner